tredici [13] mesi

well, we are full blown walking over here! this little tyke is walking and getting into everything! at first it was a few steps here and there, then it was a little bit more, and thennnn matt left for a week, and came back to a walking babe! he was so shocked at dean’s change! it was so quick! ** i like to call him my little franken-walker because he walks everywhere with both arms up and out for balance like a little frankenstein!

oh my, our little babe is getting so many teeth right now! additionally to his eight front teeth, he has a molar on the lower right side, a upper right molar coming through and both his top canines coming in! he has not been big on eating all the foods we give him & i’m guessing it’s due to these teeth! he is constantly asking to nurse though. << this boy! it’s all day long lately.

we have been transitioning him to sleeping on his own. just here and there. he’s been doing about 6 hours a night. i’m okay with that. he is such a good snuggler. i love when he’s in bed with me and wraps his arms around my head to hug my face while he sleeps. it’s the BEST feeling ever.

what else new is going on? we have quite the little talker! he tries to say everything! he is such a good listener and loves to try to imitate what mama & dadee say! let me seee if i can remember everything he says: mama, dada, luca, ball, tee tee, nay nay, up, out, all done, no, hi, cracker (cahcuh), more (mohmoh), nonna (not all the time, but he can say it!), poppa, wop wop (helicopter sound), brooom broomm (car sound), beep!, nack (snack) … he pretty much tries to say everything i ask him to.
we usually wake up and first thing we do is go through all our words while we snuggle in bed.

we’ve been working on sitting on the potty. usually first thing in the morning. he’s only gone a couple of times, but he’ll sit there for a little bit and chat or read a book. we hope to be potty training fully pretty soon.

he loves to get into mischief and do things he’s not supposed to just to spite mama… as in crawling to something he knows he shouldn’t play with and looking back like, “are you gonna come get me…” as soon as i mention his name he crawls in the opposite direction laughing! it’s the cutest thing.he also loves “cooking” which involves a bowl and a wooden spoon that he can stir with…he can officially climb off <and on with a pillow for height> the sofa! he loves to try to climb on the table by pushing toys up to it & stepping on them. he’s going to be one fearless toddler! i’m not sure i’m ready for that!

okay, enough of my chit chat — here’s our litte guy!

13   m o n t h s
19.8 lbs
length is TBA bc he wont be still! ha!
from here on out i’ll do his monthly progression every few months! unless y’all want them every time?! let me know!
in other news, today is matt’s BIRTHDAY! we are so lucky to have him in our lives! i will be doing a post for his birthday later today or tomorrow! we are too busy having a great sunday! xoxo
p.s. sorry this is so late! h and i have had colds for the last week & then we had vacation! it’s been sitting here not published! oops!

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