travel diaries: italy [lago di braies]

this blog post has been a long time coming  (i am seriously over due in the blog posting dept.).

südtirol region is forever going to leave the best impression on my heart. in september we traveled to the dolomites (a unesco world heritage site), and we loved every minute of our weekend getaway.  lago di braies is about three and a half hours north toward the austrian border nestled in the mountains. we made a whim decision on a friday to call the only hotel on the lake to check for availability. they’re   a l w a y s  booked.  they just so happened to have a room, and they’re pet friendly… soooo off we [all] went on Saturday morning! i’m so happy when spontaneous decisions turn out so well. i mean, don’t we all?!

we arrived mid-morning close to lunch time. we had picked up lunch on the road, so we checked in and got settled. it was still early and the light was good, so we decided to hike the entire rim of the lake. i mean — it was breath=taking. between hikers, sight-seers, and the boats paddling around the lake it was amazing.  it took us about 2-3 hours, but we took our sweet time enjoying the views. once we finished our hike we relaxed in our room for a bit. we had a cozy dinner at the hotel followed by some serious snuggling with our boys. we hit the sack early because i was hoping to up early for a trek out to the lake to get sunrise views. i was surprised yet not so surprised to find about 30 other photographers who had the same idea in mind! i mean serious business though… like multiple tripods set up while they stood in the chilly morning air and waited for the sun to grace us with it’s presence. i waited for a while got some great shots and then headed back in.  i met up with matt + the boys in the hotel lobby for a delicious hot breakfast in the hotel. post breakfast, we bundled back up and headed out for one last morning hike around the backside of the lake.  just for giggles i asked a german family if someone could take our family photo and vice versa. we get a cute shot with luca camouflaged in the rocks. i was laughing so hard when i opened that shot and was like, “why is matt holding the leash like that?!” that’s a framer.

that shot of the mountains in the distance is the three peaks. [unesco world heritage site.] this massive mountain formation originated 200 million years ago thanks to deposit in the primordial ocean tethys. we too the scenic route home, and i fell even more in love with the cortina d’ampezzo area in the belluno province. i hope we can make a trip back soon sometime!





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