travel diaries: austria [ innsbruck ]

one of the best things about living in europe is the christmas season!  it’s weeks on weeks of joy filled activities! every town is full of holiday markets and festivities. we’ve done a few local markets, but the best markets are in  northern italy, austria + germany!  last weekend we decided to check out the christkindlmarkt in innsbruck, austria.
the market was bustling with vendors and visitors!
we arrived around lunch time, so our first stop was for wieners + fries and currywurst [for moi].  if you’ve never had currywurst — it’s delicious. i’ve had bosna in salzburg, and i just knew i’d love currywurst. once our tummies were satisfied the littles needed a break from the car & stroller, so they rode the carousel with the dadees. holden was all smiles and waves as he rode around.  afterwards we sought out the beautiful colorful row at the river. i just can’t get enough of you, europe!
we wandered from vendor to vendor through the old town center. there were nutcrackers, ornaments, candles, every woolen item you could imagine, toys, snack, home goods, clothing, decor, and i could go on.  after wandering for a few hours we were quite chilled, so we made a pit stop for some glühwein [mulled wine] that was absolutely delicious.  we also made the trip up to hungerburg on the funicular — the tourism office recommended to go to hungerburg to see the “great market” with gorgeous panoramic views!  well… it was a spectacular view, BUT about 8 vendors of the same things down in innsbruck.  after a quick [freezing] 20 minutes we traveled back down the cable car and checked out the lights in the city. the sun had set and the lights were in full twinkle mode. we ended the night with dinner at a “mexican” restaurant. it turns out there was maybe one item on the menu that seemed semi mexican based food. ha!  lesson learned. should have known. nothing beats food in texas or the usa for that matter!  we enjoyed our daytrip to innsbruck! can’t wait to check out more markets in the next few weeks.





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  1. Nancy J. Laferriere says:

    What absolutely beautiful photos, Kelsey! Your boys are so handsome! Well, I could go on and on, commenting on what a beautiful family you are, but this will do! I’m sure you’re loving living in Europe! Your proximity to so many different cultures is certainly one thing that makes it so interesting, isn’t it? Maybe next
    fall we’ll be able to have a reunion when we’re in the south of France.
    Monte Carlo? “Our village” of Lourmarin? Nothing by us will compare to what you have captured of the beauty of Innsbruck! It did look c-c-cold, though!
    Merry Christmas to all of you! Love, Grandma and Grandpa Laferriere

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