our christmas.

this year was extra special because we had a new family member to celebrate with us — grayer!
we wanted to keep christmas small and low key, so we stayed home for most of matt’s block leave. we also decided as a family to make a large purchase that we know we would enjoy for years to come! [more on that later.]
we enjoyed spending time together as a family. between movie nights, play dates + picnics in the boys room, baking, and just being us.  it was simply the best.
christmas morning came in a rush as santa’s elves worked to put out presents on christmas eve.

holden woke us up around 8am. i quickly got it together, and had matt run to the living room capture the moment.  it was so fun to catch holden’s response as he came into the room.  we try to keep most presents hidden [even ones from family] until christmas morning. that way the thrill is just so high!  this year we practiced just doing 4 essential gifts for each boy.  the list goes like this:

something he wants. [holden: magnatiles // grayer: toy tractor]
something he needs. [holden: backpack // grayer: toothbrush + beanies]
something to wear.  [holden: jacket // grayer: onesies + pants ]
+ something to read. [holden: fingerprint book  // grayer: my first words book ]

of course santa had to bring a special gift for each boy! [holden: balance bike // grayer: wooden shape sorter + bead puzzle]
back to our large purchase — mama + dadee decided that a piano would be the perfect family gift this year. we found a deal that was too good to pass up. it’s a pre WWII upright max adolph. these pianos were made in the 1920s-30s by a small, family owned company in germany that only built a limited number of pianos. we found it at a local thrift store in excellent condition. it was previously owned by a piano instructor who took wonderful care of his instrument. and the BEST part? thrift stores mean you can run a hard bargain and we ended up saving a nice little chunk of change!  yes! plus, free deliver. win. win. win.

we spent the morning opening gifts and playing. we even got to skype with granny + pops and unk T while we opened gifts. when i got a quick break, i threw in a cinnamon roll french toast bake. thanks, pinterest!  though it was a major fail thanks to convection ovens in europe! lame. scrambled eggs coming right up! later that morning we got to facetime with nonna + poppa with abs and jd while they opened gifts.  we are so thankful for modern technology! we also made a special birthday cake for jesus as that is the true reason for the season.  holden was really excited to eat the sugared cranberries, but then decided they weren’t for him. he was all about that icing. he loved singing happy birthday to jesus. i think we sang maybe 10+ times over the day.

that afternoon we went over to spend the evening with our friends [the olsons]. our army family just continues to grow + make the distance a little less harder. the kids played with their new gifts, and we exchanged gifts as well. we had a balsamic roasted pork, potatoes, and green beans for a big christmas day dinner.  it was a great day!


christmas morning!





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