new year 2017!

what a year,  2016!  this year was a very special one for our family. it was filled with travel + adventure, good friends and food, but most importantly, it was filled with lots of time spent together… we are so blessed with this beautiful family.  i can’t believe we’re  family of four!  our dynamic just continues to grow and there is so much love in this house!
mini recap:
with matt competing in the best ranger competition [while i was 37 weeks along] the early months were a little crazy. then came our newest addition [grayer eli hiebner] in may, and visitors coming to see us with some traveling when we could!  this year we made some amazing trips. our top trip being our drive around the complete outer rim of ireland! what an amazing vacation!

2017 is bringing so many changes! we are moving back across the atlantic to fort carson, colorado! may will be here in a flash!  i can’t wait to squeeze in a few more trips before we leave!

looking forward this year, and wish you all a blessed new year!+




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