have yourself a merry little christmas.

good morning! this is a late post for so many reasons. i hope you had nice relaxing holiday as much as we did (or as much as we could!)
our christmas was set to be a quiet stay at home, and just be the three of us day. and yes… it was…with a little hiccup. matt ended up getting the stomach bug on christmas eve. 
holden had gotten it while we were in zermatt, so we weren’t too surprised, but you know — timing. it never fails. my sweet, kind, loving husband worked so hard to help me set up everything to be perfect for our little man. he made it to midnight, and just post final setup before it all kicked in. what a rough night. we made it to christmas morning, and holden was the happiest boy! 
c h r i s t m a s    e v e:
making sugar cookies for santa. (not to self — when making sugar cookies, don’t forget to BUY sugar! luckily, i had some italian cane sugar stashed away.) 

bedtime came early as dadee started to feel ill, and mama had work to do! holden was certainly okay with that as we had a long fun day “patiently” waiting for santa claus.
post bedtime. the house was so quiet. it was perfect time for “santa’s elves” to come out and play! [even when they feel soooo sick! love you, babe!]

goodnight, toys! see you in the morning!

c h r i s t m a s    m o r n i n g:

he went straight for his kitchen. he loved it so much!

of course, then he found santa’s left over cookies.
granny and pops stayed up extra late, so they could watch deanie open his presents.
i’m thankful for timer settings! 

great granny and grandpa, thank you for the bug book! it was the cutest when holden saw the bug go around the pages and yelled, “i got it!”

a cute little fiat remote car! it was a cute little find while out and about.

thanks unk T for his awesome chef apron! he’s quite the little cook!

a little backwards! ha! not your typical mantle setting, but you work with what you’ve got! right?!

he loved finding lots of little treasures in his stocking. the play doh and big boy undies were a hit!

this serious boy could not stop watching rudolph for one second to get a family picture — and that grumpy look? yeah, that’s what mama gets for asking such an atrocity!

how do i know holden loved christmas so much? he still asks for “santa claus” [santa claus is coming to town] as a bedtime song. so cute! 

we hope you had a merry christmas!



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