happy 2nd birthday, holden!

my sweet sweet darling boy! i cannot believe you are two today. it feels like yesterday that i found out that i was carrying a sweet blessing, and you were just a dream that i couldn’t wait to hold. here we are two years after your arrival, and all i can say is that you have surpassed every dream i could have had to be a mother. you fulfill so much of our lives, and granted you can make my day to day a little chaotic — i wouldn’t trade it for the world.  i love the curious and adventurous little person you have come to be.  i love hearing your rawr [ even at strangers ], and then in the same day your sweet “cuddles me” first thing in the morning. i love that even though i feel like a tornado follows me around the house, you love to sing the clean up song and help me (in a very liberal sense of the word).  you have so much personality, and the faces you make are so spunky.  you are independent in your own way, yet so dependent that it fills my heart with joy to hold you and rock you.  thank you for making me a mama two years ago. it has been the best two years of my life. i can’t wait for you to be a big brother this year.  holden, i love you so much it hurts. thank you for the millions of kisses you give me a day, and loving me back.  you are our world my handsome little man!

holden year two:

yesterday we had a celebratory breakfast [funfetti pancakes!] with dadee since he has work today. you insisted that we stop singing “happy birthday” and sing “santa claus is coming to town” instead.  we happily obliged, but were grateful you changed your mind and let us sing happy birthday to you again… and again and again and again. the requests just kept coming. we love you so much! i can’t wait to give you a little party when we’re at home. you’re just going to love it.




i still can’t get over how many pancakes you ate! and i love that you asked for them again this morning.  whatever you want my sweet boy!

i can’t wait to see your face when we head to the toy store, so you can pick out a toy from us. it will be a tradition that i hope you love for years to come!


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