halloween 2016.

this october we were in TEXAS! the first time in the last 3 years that we could trick or treat in a neighborhood. not that we mind trunk or treating. it just felt good to go house to house and be with family. though it didn’t come without a few hiccups from a certain toddler. ahem, dean!

matt was in school in georgia at the time, so this was the first year without dadee. y’all know i’m all about the themed halloween.  it just wasn’t as fun without my “partner in crime,” ha! BUT we really really missed him!

we started our halloween week with a trip to magnolia market at the silos. we enjoyed breakfast from the bakery [gimme me all the blueberry muffins], coffee from common grounds while shopping around,  found their small pumpkin patch, spent the morning lounging on the lawn while toddlers ran wild, ate lunch from the food trucks, and basked in the shade until it was time to leave. while at the pumpkin patch holden fell in love with the most lop-sided pumpkin they had, and it came home with us.

the next few days deanie was insistent on buying a “cutter” for his pumpkin. we picked up an easy diy kit at target — because you know i always go to target when i’m home! the best part was when the pumpkin was cut open, and holden was so hesitant to put his hand in! ha! he was not so sure about that stuff inside. we had to have a discussion about carving jack-o-laterns, and the process that it takes to make it glow. he slowly worked his way to clean out his pumpkin, but he was sure to use his “scooper,” for most of the “digging.” with a little help from nonna, he was ready to make a face for it!  that weekend we had got to have the best time with both families and UNK T!  he was able to come home from d.c. and meet grayer!  it was awesome to see him with his nephews! holden loved spending time with unk t. we also loved have nonna + poppa and granny + pops in the same house. it was the best of both worlds for  the boys!  dean + gray also enjoyed wearing their halloween pjs. holden especially loved when granny would take him in the bathroom in the dark and let him dance in the mirror while the bones on his pjs would glow. it was pretty cute to see a dancing skeleton!

that monday was halloween, so on sunday i spent the day finalizing our outfits. holden and i were going to be bandits and grayer was the money bag! thanks to allie for the htv money signs – they worked out perfectly for the canvas bag i picked up at hobby lobby!  i attempted to make eye masks out of felt based on the outline of a plastic one i found. turns out it was way too big — and just looked ridiculous. mom fail!  i just don’t do crafty, but i attempted again and this time with success. for future reference // satin is not a good tie for a mask! it was so slippery! all in all: i diy’ed two eye masks, “jewels” for holden, and the money bag. the rest of our outfits included black pants, b&w striped shirts, black hats & gloves, and converse.

halloween monday came and we were having a day. holden refused to nap despite my efforts to get him down. we left the house around 4:30 to visit grandma and grandpa’s house at the ranch. then we were off to town to meet up with elle + emersyn, and the family. of course, holden falls asleep on the way into town. when i tried to wake him it was an epic meltdown. like 10 minutes of crying… refusal to trick or treat… refusal to go home… refusal to go “everywhere” aka anywhere. then after a good cry he was ready to get out and trick or treat. he required that his water cup + chocolate cupcakes from grandma go in his bucket even though  i told him it may make getting candy in there a lot harder.  we ventured out to about 12 houses, and we were done. it was perfect. he got to experience asking for candy door to door, and loved having poppa carry him everywhere we went. (sorry, dad! lol!)

maybe next year, dadee will be with us! i wonder what we’ll be?! time to start planning now.





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