Gray Monthly [ 6 + 7 months]

s i x  +  s e v e n   m o n t h s
18 lbs 4oz ( 6 mo) // 19lb (7 mo)
27.17 inches

oh, this boy is growing. i mean i blinked and seven months have flown by. we spent his half birthday in texas, so his six month pictures is a little late. we’ll just roll these two monthly milestones update into one. cool? cool.

let’s see. this boy. who is this kid, and where did my little baby go?!
he has four teeth. he is sitting like a pro, and can get into a crawl position. he can pull up on all fours BUT drops down to his belly and is army crawling everywhere. he loves to hear himself talk/try to imitate mama. he loves playing in front the mirror, giggling during peekaboo, and is generally a happy boy. he’s been sleeping through the night [most nights], but occasionally still wants to nurse during the night or early in the morning.  he has been trying new foods by tasting and playing with them. he continues to nurse like a champ, but he enjoys sitting at the table during meal times with soft solids and a water cup. he sure does think he’s a big kid drinking from a regular cup [with mama or dadee’s help holding it].  he even fussed until i gave him a spoon of his own one night. slow down, babe! he’s tried green beans, carrots, red bell pepper, celery, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, chicken, banana, avocado, apple, orange, corn, rice, (tasted) homemade mac n’ cheese, broccoli… i’m sure i’m missing a few things. this time around with grayer, baby-led weaning has been a little different. i’m not as intimidated to offer him foods straight off our plates (as long as i don’t have added salts or too many spices that i can’t lick off first, lol!)  oh, and this little babe loves his bathtime, especially if big brother in in the tub!  he loves to hold his hands up when he wants to be held.
he’s been talking quite a bit with babbles and enjoys hearing himself talk. its the cutest i the car when he’s just going on and on. i just wonder what’s going on in that mind of his.
he admires his big brother so much. they love to snuggle and hug. the deepest belly laughs come when holden is dancing and jumping around to entertain grayer.




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