Gray Monthly [ 5 months ]


f i v e   m o n t h s

18 lbs  3.2oz

this month so many changes have come about… from finding little tootsies to rolling like a pro. this little babe has been meeting milestones left and right.  he can recognize mama, dadee, and holden. he loves to smile when he see us. we’ve heard a few “ma” babbles. watching holden play is one of his favorite past times. he has found his feet and its so cute when it tries to put them in his mouth.  you can see from the photo above that he loves to hold his feet. he is putting everything in his mouth, and loves his wooden teethers. his favorite is a wooden painter’s palette, and of course, sophie la girafe. he can roll and wiggle himself all around to reach things that interest him, and he even likes to kick with his feet to try to propel himself forward. he loves to giggle. just running his shirt over his arms as i take them off, and putting his little pants on can get a good giggle. oh, and luca. he loves luca. they lay next to each other and they love it. gray explores luca’s fur, and luca loves the “petting” going on. peek-a-boo is his new favorite game, and we could definitely stand in from of a mirror while he has a full-blown giggle conversation with himself. it’s so cute. i could do that all day.  something i never want to forget is the way he rolls over for holden first thing in the morning. he reaches for his hair and face trying to wake him, so that holden will talk to him or play with him. his eyes light up when holden rouses and says hi.  they spend a good 10 minutes just being sweet brother, and i soak it all up.  this month he learned to make raspberries. he loves hearing himself make the sounds and babbles.  he knows to arch his back if he would not like to be in his car seat, but he loves riding in the stroller with his brother. his doing great at sitting up solo in my lap, and can sit up with a good lean. he isn’t quite strong enough to sit up straight. still no sign of teeth over here. just some drooling and chewing on fingers [his or yours]! he continues to sleep 5 hours at a time at night… which is heavenly. i can def handle that.

here is this little cutie!  i can’t believe it’s almost his half birthday!


and the monthly comparison + progression:
dean + gray
o n e   m o n t hdg1montht w o   m o n t h s
dg2montht h r e e   m o n t h s
dg3monthf o u r   m o n t h s
dg4monthf i v e   m o n t h s

we didn’t have our scale unpacked yet with holden when he was 5 months old, so i don’t have a comparison weight.   however, he was only 16lb 4oz at his 6 months check up, so yeah…this little chunky buns is out weighing his brother by just around 2 lbs. wow!

until next month…




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