Gray Monthly [2 months]

t w o   m o n t h s 
13lbs 11.2oz
22.4 inches
our big boy is tracking as we move >> following our every step around him. looking for mama when she talks. he loves to social smile, and put weight on his feet to “stand up” with mama’s help. every little “coo” and “ahh” melts my heart. big brother wants to help take care of you, and he raises his voice in the cutest way to talk to you. 
grayer has come to be quite the relaxed little dude. just like big brother, holden, was as a baby! there were a few weeks i did not think that would happen, but now that his cold has passed … we’ve got one chill babe. his eyes are the bluest, so we may be taking after dadee on those and get green eyes!  blowouts are happening on the regular. i almost expect one with every dirty diaper. i mean, that’s what we’re pretty much working with here! that’s okay — grayer loves his bath time. he gets that from his mama! 
he’s quite a bit bigger than holden at this age, and he was able to wear holden’s first 4th of july outfit! holden was 6 months when he wore that! 
at two months old gray has been to rome, sirmione (lago di garda), cinque terre, verona, and venice!  
his tourist passport is here, so we’ll be making some big tracks soon!

just waitin on dr. c to come see us! 
here is the brother comparison shot: 
 deanie (left) + grayer (right)
12lbs 0.5oz  +  13lbs 11.2oz 
  smiling at the mobile mama worked so hard to make… 
all for this? i would do it again a million times.
always keeping a close eye on his brother. he just loves his so much.
and the start of gray’s monthly progression:
o n e 
t w o

keep growing, little bear! 

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