gingerbread + houses.

oh, gingerbread houses. we have a love/hate relationship. you’re adorable in so many ways, but a pain in so many others. lets just say that next year we’re going to be buying a pre-assembled house OR better yet we’re going real old school and using graham crackers with homemade icing. at least then we can eat the darn thing!  if you’ve seen my recent instagram post you know exactly what i’ve learned from this little project. B UT on the chance you haven’t seen that post, i’ll just spell it out one more time.

  1. gingerbread houses are for the birds. a hot glue gun will suffice for the lack of holding going on with this pre-mixed royal icing business.
  2. don’t let handsome hubs handle the details. he really did a great job — despite our lack of “pointed tip” on the icing bag. toothpicks and scotch tape made an appearance at the party. turns out scotch tape makes a pretty good makeshift icing bag tip.
  3.  you’ll quickly be singing “let it goooo, let it gooooo…” when you let your toddler go full speed ahead on decorating. << A N D this was after we convinced him that we shouldn’t ixnay the whole idea just so he could eat all the candy.
  4. i mean he was like, “let’s just not biwld it,” serious face and all. between sneaking gumballs [that he swallowed after 3 seconds of chewing], he also felt the need to lick his fingers after placing each candy in its place, and sneak chunks of icing off the house with fingers and toothpicks.

all in all, it was pretty fun/ny.  matt and i kept laughing at ourselves waiting (just waiting) for this thing to fall apart. we swear we’ll wake up to pieces in the morning. it’s still pretty cute because despite all my ranting — it was made by my little love. he did such a good job! he helped matt by holding down the gingerbread pieces while the icing was going on, and directing the location of the icing. as you can see in a few of the shots. mostly we did the icing, and he added the candy with a little help from mama. grayer enjoyed supervising, grabbing dadee’s arm while matt was in deep concentration –and trying with all his might to get a fist full of icing [which he happened to get at the end — including a lick of that hand! that was a giddy baby]. for anyone wondering, it literally took us 2 hours from start to finish. ha!


anyways, better luck next year!




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