Fireman Holden

we’ve really been into imaginative play around here. any chance we get to dress up our little guy we take full advantage of providing him with scenarios to act out. fireman, chef, pilot, construction worker — you name it!

for his 2nd birthday, my sister went all out and got him the cutest little fireman outfit to play in with all his “fire tools” as he likes to call them. he loves to ask to be a fireman throughout the week. sometimes for a little while, and sometimes it’s an all day affair. either way — it’s the cutest.  especially when he just needs his “watch and fire hammer(ax)!”

we finally had some nice weather, so we took full advantage of playing fireman outside last week. i got my little model to pose for me, so i could snap a few pictures of him!

so cute!



i’m loving every second of this stage! it’s just so much fun!

a few holdenisms:

h: mama! sun bright!
me: cover your eyes, babe.
h: (out of the blue) that’s amazing.

playing with his number/letter bath set.
me: holden, that’s a zero.
h: uh, no mommy. that’s a oh.

holden waking up solo in our bed.
h: mommy uh are you?! (where are you?)
me: i’m getting dressed. i’m coming.
h: cuddles me!
me: okay. in bed?
h: yes, cuddles me 10 minutes.



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