a halloween circus.

this halloween was so much fun! it was h’s first year to really walk up and say, “trick or treat” which really sounded like, “twick oh tweeeeat!”  i die of cuteness.

living overseas has it disadvantage when it comes to american holidays. though some italians are beginning to be interested in celebrating halloween…its not very widespread. luck for us, we were able to trunk or treat! yay!
for those of you who don’t know what trunk or treat is… it’s when you decorate the back of your car (to hand out candy at), and it’s like going house to house because they are parked in row. pretty cute and nifty for the kiddos!

would you be surprised if i told you that by the end of the night last halloween that i had already planned out our costumes for this year? haha! we were driving home, and i was telling matt, “hmm… next year holden should be a lion and you can be the lion tamer!” well, here we are a year later and it stuck! i’m so in love with the way it turned out!

i caught some amazing snaps of our family (thank to my friend, jenn + the timer)!

before we jump here a quick reminder of last year when holden was an astronaut, i was the sun, and matt was the the galaxy (moon + stars)!

here’s our halloween 2015. 
(holden at 21 months)

vintage family circus! 

 teaching his little lion some tricks!

 the happiness in knowing candy will soon fill his puh-kin!
 this boy had no fear!

 do you want a hug? okay!


 learning all about the duck call!
  meeting elmo made deanie’s night!
  that smile says it all!
 teaching the little lion new tricks!
a little pumpkin bowling, anyone?

we had so much fun! wonder what we’ll be next year?! 

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