16 months

well, i need to get it together! h will be 17 months in 10 short days! this is soooo late. i am making myself get back on track. no ifs, ands, or buts! 

and here he is….

1 6    m o n t h s
stats: weight: 21.6 lbs
height 31.5 inches
this sweet boy is running, climbing (hanging like a monkey on anything he can find), eating more and more everyday [including things he was rejecting before! woot woot!], and this boy is talking. i mean wow. i’m going try to make a list at the end of this update. he loves to play games (hand games, peekaboo, pretending to sleep / his “honkshoo” is pretty cute too!), he is keen on feeding himself with a fork or spoon, he prefers to be outside, and his favorite past time is throwing things off the balcony over the stairs and yelling, “uh oh, mommy!”  dean is getting so good a labeling and pointing to body parts. he knows eyes, nose, ears, mouth, belly button, feet, hands. he also thinks it’s his job to throw away his diaper when we’re done.
his words:  hiiiiiiii, stuck (uck), waffle (wah-fu), water (wah-wer), mama/mommy, dadee, my mommy, my dadee, open (oh-peh), up (also means down, too. lol!), please (pea/peas), up please, out, out please, oh no, uh oh, no, more, more please, bye, ciao (tao), mangiare (ah-dar-eh), willie (wil-wee), tee tee, poo poo, diaper (die-pou), hot (awt), light (ight), nay nay, yellow (yeh-dow), blue (boo), chelsea, koozie, tractor (tah-ter), sausage (saw-see), dangerous (day-nuh-nuh), connor (nonnie), bath (bah), nigh nigh, honkshoo (pretend sleeping), Luca (tee-tuh), puppy, moo, woof woof, monkey (muh-ee), shoe (sue), spoon (poo), uh muah (kiss sound), vroom vroom, beep beep, nonna, poppa, abby, jd, granny (nanny), pops, cracker (cackey), off, bubbles, ball, thank you (taent tuu), grazie (ah-zie), buona serata (ah da ta), help, clean up (song— nee nuh, nee nuh!), book, neigh, meow, ow, car (tar), truck (tuhk), eyes, mouth (mou), fish (isss), two, three, go (doh), apple, outside (ow-sigh), purple (puh-pl), bus (buh), trash (tasss)…. i’m sure there are more, but this is all i can think of at the moment.
oh yeah,
andddd my personal favorite: i love you ( eye luh oo) which he now says spontaneously. melt my heart, sweet boy. 

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